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Dua Lipa Shares Inspiration Behind “Hotter Than Hell”

One of the questions that most artists get asked is about their artistic inspirations. Who inspired them as artists? What inspired singles or even albums? Dua Lipa recently got asked that question about her hit single “Hotter Than Hell” and in her own words the track was born as “I was scrolling through Tumblr” of all places! […]

Check Out Flume’s New $1.25 Million AUD Condo

Unlike most of his contemporaries living in Hollywood or around the Los Angeles area, Flume’s brand new home is actually on the opposite side of the globe in a city he’s pretty familiar with – Sydney. The Sydney-born Australian superstar just wrapped up a deal on a new two-bedroom apartment and the photos are gorgeous. […]

Marshmello Meets Marshmello In Valentine’s Day Radio Interview

We’d thought that Marshmello was one of a kind, but Radio 104.4 proved us wrong this Valentine’s Day. While attending and playing Virgin America’s RedFest in Dubai, Marshmello went into the media lounge for an impromptu interview and got a surprise he didn’t expect! (Though, in all probability, yes he did.) Before the interview gets […]

Krewella Drops New Song & Music Video For “Alibi”

Krewella are back with their first single of 2018, and they’re clearly exploring some new sounds. (Technically, Krewella re-released “New World” in 2018 with new vocalist Vava, but as it’s a re-release, we’re not counting it as a new original.) Krewella have been experimenting with tons of new styles since coming back with 2016’s Ammunition. Across […]

3LAU Stuns With Heavenly Track “On My Own” Featuring Nevve

Dancing through a hurricane, soaked in technicolor rain… That’s exactly where you’ll get caught up with 3LAU‘s latest new track “On My Own!” The seriously gorgeous production will melt your brain as it glides through a synthy dreamworld all its own. As 3LAU takes the reins with a brilliantly confident mix, Nevve meets him halfway […]

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