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Tim Smith & Pat Corcoran Team Up To Start New Wine Business

The names Tim Smith and Pat Corcoran probably don’t ring a bell unless you work in the music industry, but I’m sure that you’ll very familiar with the two main acts they both represent as managers – Skrillex and Chance The Rapper respectively. These two managerial and entrepreneurial legends within the music industry have just announced that they’re teaming up […]

For Maynard, A Perfect Circle Comes Second to His Grapes

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, A Perfect Circle’s Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel discussed the genesis of their upcoming album Eat the Elephant, which is due out on 4/20. Today, the band released their third single from the album, the ominous mini-epic “TalkTalk,” complete with a video centered entirely around an image of a squirming multi-colored […]

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