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Tag: Spirituality

Dreams About Money

Dreams about money can mean a number of different things. Typically, money represents prosperity, success,confidence, power and wealth. In real life, it is a symbol of material or financial gain. It can also become a symbol of more abstract ideas like gains or abundance of wisdom, love and spirituality. Since this dream’s meaning can vary […]

Dream About Floods

Having a dream about water is extremely common. Most dream researchers believe that a dream about floods or water represents your emotions. It shows the changes that are about to happen in your life. This type of dream can have a positive or negative meaning depending on exactly what happens in it.  Dream About Floods […]

Neptune in Capricorn

It takes 165 years for Neptune to cycle through all of the zodiac signs. When it is in a natal chart for Capricorn, it will appear in the Tenth House. Neptune in Capricorn brings new inspiration as you search for fulfillment and love in your life. Where it is positioned shows the issues that you […]

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