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Billy Corgan Reveals Titles of Eight New Smashing Pumpkins Songs

Billy Corgan spent President’s Day hyping new music from the mostly reunited classic Smashing Pumpkins lineup. Corgan teased the new music in an Instagram post where he announced that he was joining James Iha, and Jimmy Chamberlin, in Malibu “next week to sing shiny new lyrics and cut final guitar overdubs” after spending the week […]

D’arcy Wretzky Calls Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Claims a “Complete Lie” in New Interview

D’arcy Wretzky, former bass player of Smashing Pumpkins, gave a rare, sprawling interview to Alternative Nation to further explain the controversy surrounding her role–or rather, non-role–in the new Pumpkins reunion. Yesterday, after the remaining members of the band (or, perhaps, just Corgan) issued a statement saying they had repeatedly asked Wretzky to rejoin the group to no […]

Smashing Pumpkins Tease Tour Announcement

If the countdown clock on their website is to be believed, the Smashing Pumpkins are due for a big announcement tomorrow; recent updates on social media and from disgruntled ex-bassist D’arcy Wretzky have hinted heavily at a potential reunion. Now, the band has shared yet another cryptic message on their official Instagram: lyrics from “Today,” off […]

Smashing Pumpkins’ Website Updated with New Countdown Clock

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard anything from the Smashing Pumpkins as a group, but it looks like the act might be gearing up to release something new. The band’s website was recently updated to reveal a new countdown clock set to expire in five days. Last month, frontman Billy Corgan hinted that the […]

Billy Corgan Hints Smashing Pumpkins Are Recording With Rick Rubin

In a lengthy soliloquy of an Instagram caption, Billy Corgan has apparently revealed that Rick Rubin is producing the new Smashing Pumpkins reunion album Corgan has teased for several years. (In typically digressive Corgan fashion, the post’s stated purpose was to refute rumors of ill health; apparently he caused quite the scare among fans when he posted a photo of himself getting some kind of […]

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