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Best Buy Pulling CDs From Shelves, Target Shakes Things Up With New Policy

Music consumption has mostly moved to streaming services in the past decade, as tyrants like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and SoundCloud have dominated the game. Digital sales are still going relatively strong, but physical sales are a shell of what they once were. However, if some music suppliers are to be believed, Best Buy, once […]

Snapchat Now Selling Merch In Its App

Image via The Verge I can’t decide if Snap is being desperate or smart, but the company has now added merchandise to its flagship app, including a plush version of the dancing hot dog, a fire emoji Snap streak hat, a Winkface sweatshirt, and a “Bring back best friends” sweatshirt Snapchat has been famously losing […]

Check Out The Best Cyber Monday Deals For EDM Lovers in 2017

Black Friday has only just passed us by, and we’re already at Cyber Monday! The two shopping “holidays” are known for their blow out deals, but what about the EDM fans? Compared to Black Friday, there certainly isn’t as much going on, but you can still get some deals on some pretty great stuff. Take […]

Check Out The Best EDM Black Friday Deals Of 2017

It seems that every year, Black Friday starts earlier and earlier. First, as the name suggests, it was just on Friday. Then it started on Thursday. Now, against all rationalization, it’s starting on Wednesday… but we really can’t complain, especially when most of these deals are online and you get so many sales! We’ve compiled […]

YouTube And Ticketmaster Team Up To Make Buying Concert Tickets A Breeze

YouTube and Ticketmaster are joining forces to make it even easier to snag tickets to shows of your favorite touring artists! Starting today, YouTube is rolling out a new system that integrates upcoming U.S. tour dates right into music video landing pages via Ticketmaster’s database. This is a huge move forward with YouTube’s plan to build […]

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