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Bad company – Asap Rocky feat. Blocboy Jb lyrics

Lyrics Blocboy Jb – Bad company – Asap Rocky People think you’re stuck up, but we’re all super good friendsIt’s only natural, I suppose, but we’re all super good friendsUm, I get the feeling that you’re admired, but, umI’m above average.(Asap Rocky – Bad company) I got so much beef, I could barely sleepParanoia got me […]

Alexander Lewis – Wassup (ft. MadeinTYO & S’natra)

Our favorite trombone-tooting friend Alexander Lewis is back with another banger on Lowly with help from MadeinTYO and S’natra. Lowly is quickly branching out to include more genres than ever and it’s awesome to see what their team has been up to. “Wassup,” as you can probably imagine, is a banger of a rap/trap hybrid which combines hard-hitting beats […]

Skrillex May Be Producing for BROCKHAMPTON’s New Album

Skrillex has one of the most successful careers in all of EDM. Not only has he released legendary songs under his own name and under Jack Ü, he’s produced for many huge artists. He has produced for Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding, Big Grams, Ty Dolla Sign and more. Now, he may be producing for one of the […]

Wendy’s Ditches The Hamburgers (For Now) & Drops First Ever Mixtape

As far as fast food chains go, Wendy’s is probably best known for their delicious Frosty’s but also for having perhaps the funniest social media in the game. Over the years, the social media team has helped shape Wendy’s into a trendy brand thanks to their use of popular memes, an unabashedly ironic tone, and their frequent […]


Trap head 2SCOOPS has been blowing us away in the last year, teaming with other trap names like Pierce and more for some heated bangers that have had us up in arms and raging late into the night. With 2018 marking a year of progress for many names, 2SCOOPS took the time to showcase his […]

MEMBA – Middle Man (ft. Asher Don)

MEMBA is kicking off 2018 in style with a hot new track! The New York-based duo have achieved great success so far crossing the coveted million stream mark on singles past. Let’s see if they can replicate that once again. “Middle Man” features the vocals of Asher Don who delivers a hard hitting rap verse over […]

Lil Pump x Carnage To Drop This Week

2018 is starting off pretty much how we left 2017 – lots of surprises, good and bad, and people complaining or rejoicing. The goal of 2018 should be establishing unity, but that’s beside the point. Right now, we’re focusing on a new collaboration that was just announced between Lil Pump and Carnage. DJs have been […]

EDM & Rap React To The Death Of Lil Peep

Hundreds of thousands last night were devastated by the sudden news of the passing of young rapper Lil Peep. Having originally gained fame from his productions and songs on Soundcloud, the 21-year-old artist became a figurehead for depression awareness and drug abuse. Both topics were frequently mentioned in his music, as well as specific mentions […]

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