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The Narcotechs Feat. Raekwon – “Medellin (Remix)” Lyrics

(Verse 1)hey yo pastel ClarksBetween me and you its the dartsFull body cut ripped from a sharkI’m like a wide body Benz with no rimsSeats is python, feets is NikonBeats is pipe bombs, the leader, the iconYou sleep I might gon’Your heats in bright armorThat’s me, a delegateCrush n*gg*s like elephantsIrrelevence, I stay flexed and […]

Raekwon – The Sky Lyrics

Raekwon – The Sky Lyrics Motherfuckers want to kill me but ain’t got the skill The [?] murder one chill All green Gotties level bands on some hood swallies Like Medical all day just pussy and robberies Take bread, project code word Stuck in my head Eat cold eggs or fuck with the herbs Take […]

Raekwon – The Sky

Raekwon – The Sky Mp3 Download Rapper Raekwon kicks off the new year off strong with two new tracks, including “The Sky.” With some funky piano grooves floating over top of a solid beat, the Staten Island native turns up with some dexterous vocal delivery, effortlessly weaving in and out of complex phrasing […]

Raekwon – The Biz

Raekwon – The Biz Mp3 Download Staten Island hip-hop legend Raekwon returns with the second of two new singles that he’s gifted fans during this first week of 2018. Along with “The Sky,” these two short singles will undoubtedly bring the listener back to a very specific place in rap history and indulge […]

Conway – THR3RD F Ft. Raekwon

Conway – THR3RD F Ft. Raekwon Mp3 Download Anyone who’s spent any time with the respective catalogues of Conway and Raekwon should know that their styles are highly complementary. On “TH3RD F,” a highlight from Conway’s new GOAT tape, the two sound just as natural as you’d expect. Regular collaborator Daringer lays a […]

Raekwon – Nothing Lyrics

Raekwon – Nothing Lyrics Intro: Fly money shit Niggas always love this type of shit, ni**a You know what I’m saying? This is for the fuckin skunks out there, ni**a For the fu**in robbers, ni**a And angry ni**as, man For real, man, it don’t stop It never did, ni**a, neither Real rap, ni**a Let’s go […]

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