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Miami Police Expand Security Plan For Ultra’s 20th Anniversary Event

Ultra Music Festival is upping its security to ensure fans have a safe and carefree time in Miami for the 20th anniversary… The similarities between the city scape surrounding Bayfront Park in Miami and that of Route 91 Harvest on the Vegas Strip are evident. With the fest just two weeks out, Miami Police have expanded […]

Ultra Music Festival Stepping Up Security Ahead Of 20th Anniversary Event

As the first major electronic festival of the season (apart from CRSSD this weekend and Beyond Wonderland two weeks after that), Ultra sets an important precedent for the electronic music world. In terms of new music, new set configurations, stage designs, and security infrastructures, Ultra sets the bar for the rest of the year. In […]

Report: Police Officer Charged With Rape Following Music Festival Incident

A police officer has reportedly been charged with rape and an act of indecency, following an “incident” at an Australian music festival in New South Wales. The Tamworth Country Music Festival kicked off Friday, January 19 — and on January 22, the unthinkable claims are said to have occurred. A 27-year-old senior constable allegedly went to into a […]

Rowdy New Year’s Rave In Deserted Factory Results In Police Blockade

A massive and extremely rowdy New Year’s Day party went down in Wales overnight, resulting in a police blockade. Specifically, the party took place in Talywain, Torfaen at an old factory building. More than 1,000 partiers lined up dozens of cars along the road, but that was just the beginning of the debacle. Reports of loud music, and fireworks […]

23-Year-Old Arrested with $40 Million In Pure MDMA

A 23-year-old man has been caught attempting to import an absolutely obscene amount of powdered MDMA into Australia. Border Patrol agents stopped a shipment of pool chlorine underneath which was hidden 356 kilograms of MDMA. It has been assessed that this could amount to 1.2 million total ecstasy pills worth over $40 million. In Australia, […]

Police Issue Drug Warning Against Ecstasy Possibly Linked To Death

Northumbria Police in the UK have issued a drug warning against a bright orange pill said to have killed a man in Jarrow. The 22-year-old was medically treated around 3 am Tuesday after he allegedly took the pill containing ecstasy. He later died in the hospital and is pending a post-mortem examination. In the meantime, the warning on […]

Police Forced To Break Down Door After Alexa Starts Its Own Rave

Home assistants are supposed to be at your beck and call, without room for error or – least of all – autonomous decision making. However, if we learned anything from I, Robot, it’s that you can never fully trust technology to do what it’s intended to. Police in Hamburg had to bust down the door of […]

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