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Preme Feat. PartyNextDoor – Can’t Hang Lyrics

(Chorus: PARTYNEXTDOOR)Y’all bitches ain’t drunk enoughY’all bitches ain’t high enoughI just dropped thirty bands, then pulled off in that all white Lamb, yeahDon’t come thru if you can’t hangDon’t come thru if you can’t hangDon’t come thru if you can’t hangDon’t come thru if you ain’t gang, yeah (Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR)Uh, drunk and high in […]

Majid Jordan – Body Talk Lyrics

(Verse 1)What do I have to do to get to you?What do I have to say to make you mine?No text or call could show you what I’ll doSo put the phone down, girl, and come by (Pre-Chorus)Show me what it is you needShow me what my eyes don’t seeBaby, I could let you breatheBaby, […]

Snoop Dogg – M.A.C.A. Lyrics

Snoop Dogg “Make America Crip Again” lyrics. (Intro Skit)Cause I’ma keep it G real. I ain’t f**k with you cuz. You disrespected me. You disrespect my hood by telling me take off my flag asking how gangsta I was ni**a. You lucky on that day I was acting cool cuz. I told you I ain’t […]

Maroon 5 Feat. A$AP Rocky – Whiskey Lyrics

(Chorus)Leaves are fallin’, it’s SeptemberThe night came in and made her shiverI told her she could have my jacketWrapped it tight around her shouldersAnd I was so young ’til she kissed meLike a whiskey, like a whiskey (Verse 1)I never knew that love was blind‘Til I was hers, but she was never mineYeah, I was […]

Young Dolph – Drippy Lyrics

(Intro)Ayy!Real drippy right now (Chorus)Lil mama got ass for days, and I got cash for daysThat fake sh*t, I can’t relateHate, I see it all over his faceYeah I got racks in the safeYeah I’m f**kin’ on your baeNever keep dope where you layKeep a draco or an AKDrippy (drippy), drippy (drip), drippy (drip), drippy […]

Chris Brown Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Verse Simmonds – Only 4 Me Lyrics

(Intro: Verse Simmonds)You know what time it isLegendaryAnd I brought some of my friends with meLike they here, here go, huh (Chorus: Chris Brown)Faces in my pillow caseMascara on my sheetsShe shake it for the moneyShe shake it like a freak, ohOnly for me, me, me, ohTonight, only for me, me, meOh, oh, oh, ohTonight, […]

Young Dolph – Believe Me Lyrics

(Chorus)Believe meTook a hundred thou’ to my jeweler, told him freeze meI can f**k your b*tch any day of the week, believe mePulling up in all type of foreigns, sh*t, that’s how we beAin’t nothing more important than getting this money, believe meYeah we here now, but it wasn’t easyYeah we here now, but it […]

Ty Dolla $ign Ft. Swae Lee & Future – Don’t Judge Me Lyrics

On the liq’ right now don’t judge meRight now off a bean dont judge meI might pop a seal in a moneyLately, I’ve been goin’ through a lot of thingsOn the liq’ right now don’t judge meGot a whole pound, don’t judge me. yeahI don’t want it if it ain’t a two piece, yeahLately, I’ve […]

Baka Not Nice – I Am Who I Am Lyrics

[Verse 1]Ni**as wanna hate nowCause they cannot be the mans yeahChase like I’m the man yahGolden like the rent yeahGive a f–k about two centsOr the money that I do spendVirginia black with the ice that’s the new blendLike I’m bout to start a new trendAh man ah manKeep the work by the fanKeep the […]

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