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REPORT: 17-Year-Old Arrested After Six 13-Year-Olds OD On MDMA

An arrest has been made following the hospitalization of six young teenagers, all of which are thought to have suffered from ecstasy overdoses. Police in Scotland have confirmed a 17-year-old man has been arrested and charged in connection with the hospitalizations. He is due to appear in court for the alleged drug offenses. The six 13-year-olds were […]

150 Drug-Related Music Festival Arrests Made Over The Weekend

Nearly 150 people were busted on drug-related offenses at two electronic music festivals over the weekend in Sydney, Australia — most of which had ecstasy on them. The arrests took place between Electric Gardens Music Festival in Centennial Park and HTID dance party at Sydney Olympic Park. Over 11,000 people were in attendance at Electric Gardens, headlined by Fatboy Slim, 132 […]

MDMA On The Verge Of Being Legal Psychotherapy Treatment In US and Canada

MDMA is coming closer to becoming a revolutionary treatment for PTSD and other stress related conditions… Researchers across North America are gearing up for the third and final stage of trials, in hopes to legalize psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. If things go well, psychotherapy and trauma treatment through MDMA could be legal in Canada and the United States by 2021. […]

18-Year-Old Festival Goer Dies After Tripping At Knockout Circuz

This really sucks. An 18-year-old man attending Knockout Circuz, a music festival in Sydney, Australia, has died after tripping. We’re not talking LSD or any other type of psychedelic — he literally tripped. The festival goer was reportedly running when he tripped over the feet of others and fell to the ground. According to police, head […]

Basshunter Speaks Out After 2 Tragic Deaths Force Pryzm Nightclub Evacuation

Basshunter is devastated after two club goers died following his set at Pryzm in Plymouth, UK last night… Police reported two 19-year-old men passed away after taking what they thought was MDMA with a larger group of friends. They were both taken straight from Pryzm to the hospital, but didn’t make it. Much confusion arose as the event […]

23-Year-Old Arrested with $40 Million In Pure MDMA

A 23-year-old man has been caught attempting to import an absolutely obscene amount of powdered MDMA into Australia. Border Patrol agents stopped a shipment of pool chlorine underneath which was hidden 356 kilograms of MDMA. It has been assessed that this could amount to 1.2 million total ecstasy pills worth over $40 million. In Australia, […]

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