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She is too Busy to Spend Time with Me

Getting busy with life happens. We all have places to be, things to do and people to see. However, when we become romantically involved with someone, we tend to make room in our busy schedules for them. So it might strike us as a little odd when the person we care so much for, stops […]

Signs She’s Giving Up On Me

Relationships are like roller coasters. They have many ups and many downs. Sometimes one outweighs the other and that’s when things get real tricky. Sometimes we feel as if we go from 100 miles an hour down to 20. And when we reach that low level of speed, we can start to worry. When you […]

35 I Love My Queen Quotes

When you’re in a relationship with a wonderful woman, you want to lavish her with love and attention as you would a beloved queen. What men don’t always realize is that a woman would much rather be a queen than a princess. Treating a woman like a princess might be great if you’re still young, […]

35 I Love My King Quotes

Ladies, you want to make your man feel extra special? Then these kingly quotes that will make him feel like royalty will do just the thing! A king can’t be a king without the strength of his queen to guide him. Likewise a queen cannot be a queen without a worthy king to rule with […]

8 Signs He’s Serious About You

If you’re starting to feel those butterflies in your stomach, you know you’re falling for him and falling for him hard. Of course, though you feel euphoric, you also want to make sure that he feels the same way as well. You don’t want a broken heart and I totally get that, who honestly wants […]

10 Signs He Doesn’t Want to Marry You

So, you’ve been with your man for a couple of years and you think he’s the one. You’re sure this relationship is going to last a lifetime, until you’re both old and grey but there’s just one problem, he’s not asking you to marry him. If you’re reading this, then your head is out of the clouds […]

She Never Expresses Her Feelings

We live in a time where everything we do, say think or feel is completely out in the open. This is partly due to boundaries being broken down over the generations, but also due in part to our use of social media. Social media gives us the outlet to let anyone and everyone know how […]

7 Ways to Respond When a Girl Compliments You

For many people, compliments can be tricky. Many of us don’t know the right way to respond when we receive a compliment. “You too” might be something that comes naturally, but would that really be appropriate if the girl who gives you a compliment doesn’t actually possess the same skill she’s complimenting you on? Sound […]

35 Cute Love Paragraphs for Your Bae

Every once in a while we get that urge to be just a little more romantic than we usually are. There are days when we just want to tell someone how much we love them. And on those days, a simple “I love you” just won’t suffice. Instead, you want something more meaningful, something more […]

She Never Compliments Me

Getting compliments make us feel really good about ourselves. And when we start dating someone, or seeing them even casually, one of the things that draws us to the person is the way they make us feel about ourselves. Which should be generally good, right? Come on, who wants to date someone who makes us […]

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