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Lil Pump Appears to Respond to J. Cole’s ‘1985’

<!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> 6 mins ago News It seems like Lil Pump has a message for J. Cole. Many people believe that the “Gucci Gang” rapper responded to Cole’s perceived diss on his new song “1985 (Intro to ‘The Fall Off’).” Taking to social media, Pump’s video message was concise and […]

Lil Pump Reacts To J. Cole “1985” Diss Track

Lil Pump has reacted to J. Cole scathing diss track “1985.” J. Cole dropped his new album “KOD” last night and one of the biggest takeaways from the project is the single “1985” where he addresses Lil Pump diss track from last year and put all the other Lil mumble rappers in their lane. The […]

J. Cole Addresses Lil Pump & New Wave Rappers On “1985”

J. Cole addresses Lil Pump and all the other new wave rappers on his new single “1985 (Intro To “The Fall Off”).” At the stroke of midnight last night, J. Cole unleashed his latest album “Kids On Drugs” or “K.O.D” as we so affectionately call it, on the rap world. Minutes after the project was […]

Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT Instrumental

Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT Instrumental Download Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT Instrumental

Video: Lil Pump – ‘Esskeetit’

<!– –> <!– –> <!– –> <!– –> 2 mins ago Music Videos Esskeetit! Still buzzing off “Gucci Gang’s” success, Lil Pump unloads the video for his 2018 anthem. The clip is a celebration of money, fancy whips, women, and snow. It kicks off with a Brinks truck that reads “Esskeetit” on the side. Soon enough, […]

Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT Lyrics

Lil Pump – ESSKEETIT Lyrics {Intro} CB on the beat Only wear designer, esskeetit… Ooh, Lil Pump Yeah, yeah, brr Yeah, ooh Yeah, yeah, ooh, ooh {Chorus} Only wear designer, esskeetit “ooh!” Hopping out the Wraith, esskeetit “esskeetit!” Smashing on your bi-ch, esskeetit “ooh!” Running up a check with no limit “yuh!” Popping on X, […]

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