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This Is What A Chainsmokers Set Sounds Like With Just The Drops

We all know by now that a Chainsmokers set is far different than their productions – despite the cheesy nature of most of their songs from their debut album Memories… Do Not Open, their live sets actually have quite the tendency to go hard and play some really intense bangers. If you don’t believe us, you […]

This Potato Cover of Darude’s “Sandstorm” Will Blow Your Mind [WATCH]

The internet never ceases to amaze us — and this potato (yes, potato) cover of Darude‘s “Sandstorm” is something to behold. YouTube user Pupsi has uploaded this gem of a video featuring a homemade potato recorder that hits all the right notes to revive “Sandstorm” in a starchy way. Perhaps just as intriguing as the cover itself, […]

2017’s “Most Dangerous Songs” While Driving List Revealed

We all have that one song that when it comes on in the car, we find it unbelievably difficult to control how fast we’re going. Usually it’s a faster tempo that causes us to be a little more reckless with our speed, or sometimes it’s just a really hype song that you can’t help but […]

Dubstep Christmas Lights Show Goes Hard With Star Wars Theme In 2017

Technology can be used to improve people’s daily lives, increase life expectancy, cure world hunger, connect the world over a series of hundreds of thousands of miles of cable deep beneath the ocean… it can also create time-coded dubstep Christmas lights displays set to the theme of Darth Vader’s “Imperial March.” Matt Johnson has been […]

The Majority Of People Say They Can Hear This GIF… Can You?

Check out the GIF below — what do you hear? Yes, we mean hear. Apparently over 70% (or so) of people believe this GIF has an audible nature to it. Just knowing GIFS are short, silent animations, this is a distressing phenomenon for many who come across this particular moving image on the internet. “Why […]

ODESZA Jammed to RL Grime While Test Driving a Tesla [Video]

photo: Julian Bajsel Perks of being a popular artist in EDM: you get to do some dope shit. That includes testing out self-driving cars from Tesla. ODESZA tweeted a video of them test driving a Tesla yesterday, and it’s pretty great. The duo quickly learned the Tesla they demoed drove itself, eliciting fun reactions from […]

Marshmello Whips Up Quick & Easy Nasi Goreng Dish On Cooking Show

Marshmello‘s new venture Cooking with Mello debuted on Halloween with delicious looking chocolate mice and a deadmau5 diss, and he soon followed up with a lackluster sequel in making Marshmello spiders. Just when we were beginning to wonder if Marshmello only eats desserts, he came back with a quick and easy Indonesian rice dish, also known as Nasi Goreng. […]

Volkswagen Mexico Pays Tribute To Daft Punk With New Ad

It’s not all that uncommon for electronic music to pay homage to popular culture, but it’s not that often that it happens the other way around. It just so happens that Volkswagen Mexico’s latest ad pays tribute to Daft Punk and their album cover for Random Access Memories. The ad was released in conjuction with VW’s […]

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