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Redditor Finds Unlisted Video On Mako’s YouTube Channel of Massive Illenium, Kill The Noise & Mako Collaboration

It’s not everyday you find a hidden treasure like this on YouTube, but Redditor 02Alien somehow managed to stumble on a high quality upload of a forthcoming collaboration by Illenium, Kill The Noise, and Mako called “Don’t Give Up On Me.” Better yet, the find was an unlisted YouTube upload on Mako’s official channel which should speak to the authenticity […]

Illenium Releases First-Ever Music Video For “Crawl Outta Love”

It’s hard to believe that an artist like Illenium, who’s experienced such a meteoric rise to fame and has already released two studio albums, has never before put out an official music video to one of his songs. But, alas, that’s the truth. However, now he can finally put a checkmark next to that box […]

r/EDM Reveals Highest Voted Songs & Albums of 2017

r/EDM just revealed its highest-voted songs and albums for 2017! The online community serves as a hub for all things electronic music. From festival lineups, to new music, to throwback goodies — r/EDM is a good place to go if you have anything to openly discuss as it pertains to the dance music world. In this […]

Celebrate Illenium’s Birthday With 10 Of His Most Underrated Releases

Illenium turns one-quarter century old today, and that’s cause for celebration in our minds. His Awake tour ends this Friday in Los Angeles, and no doubt there will be some revelry mixed in with his performance. In observance of his birthday, we decided to try and do something more creative than a normal “top 10 tracks” […]

Illenium Piano Covers Coming Out This Friday

Fans of Illenium will be happy to know that this Friday, a variety of impressive piano covers will be released for some of the biggest songs on his latest album Awake. The songs “Beautiful Creatures,” “Fractures,” and “Crawl Outta Love” will be covered by Julien Marchal, Lorcan Rooney, and Lambert respectively. As beautiful as Illenium’s original productions […]

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