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Tag: For the lulz

Marshmello Meets Marshmello In Valentine’s Day Radio Interview

We’d thought that Marshmello was one of a kind, but Radio 104.4 proved us wrong this Valentine’s Day. While attending and playing Virgin America’s RedFest in Dubai, Marshmello went into the media lounge for an impromptu interview and got a surprise he didn’t expect! (Though, in all probability, yes he did.) Before the interview gets […]

Kill The Noise Shares Cringeworthy Parody Demo Of Ableton 10

Ableton 10 was just released to the public, and producers are having a field day getting to know all of its ins and outs. In the meantime, guys like Kill The Noise are having fun with the DAW, sharing content like the video below. Kill The Noise admitted he’s the creator of the video, and […]

This Fanmade Wook Monopoly is Sold Out for a Reason

There’s a Monopoly edition of literally everything. Star Wars, Nintendo, Rick and Morty, literally everything. But, parent company Hasbro must license the Monopoly brand for a new edition to be official. So, many counterfeit or fanmade versions of Monopoly exist. The latest fanmade version of Monopoly directly spoofs a stereotype of the EDM population: wooks. […]

Diplo Hilariously Tries To Recreate His Own Drops With His Voice

We’ve all done it… we’re driving in the car and your favorite song comes on. You’ve heard it a thousand times, and you know how it goes, and you can’t help but sing along to the drop. You use whatever sounds your mouth can create, however close they come to the original or not. You don’t care, […]

Imagine If Deadmau5 Was The Voice Of Your Amazon Echo

Without doing any significant research, we can safely assume that Amazon tested multiple variations of the Amazon Echo voice to find the one that was most pleasant and accessible and understandable to the widest variety of users. Now, imagine if someone wanted to buy a device that was generally curmudgeonly, unhelpful, sarcastic, and sometimes played […]

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