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Trap Nation Launches New Artist KLOUD With Cover Of Nero’s “Promises”

Breaking into dance music these days has become more difficult than ever. Yes, learning to produce has also become easier than ever, but big artists are completely entrenched in their popularity, and, while kids say they want something new, they constantly rebel against the unfamiliar. All that being said, there’s no substitution for good music […]

This Potato Cover of Darude’s “Sandstorm” Will Blow Your Mind [WATCH]

The internet never ceases to amaze us — and this potato (yes, potato) cover of Darude‘s “Sandstorm” is something to behold. YouTube user Pupsi has uploaded this gem of a video featuring a homemade potato recorder that hits all the right notes to revive “Sandstorm” in a starchy way. Perhaps just as intriguing as the cover itself, […]

ANGEMI Remixes “Wolves” Into 4 Distinctly Different Tracks [LISTEN]

Here’s a random thought — What if “Wolves” by Marshmello and Selena Gomez was released years ago? ANGEMI has the answer! The producer reconstructed today’s massive EDM/pop hit into a few different versions that would fit the ’80s, ’00s, and the very specific year of 2013, as well as an alternative version for 2017. Each […]

A&G – Location (feat. Olivia Escuyos) [Khalid Cover]

Miami natives Andrew and Gino are better known as A&G and have put out a consistent streak of epic cover releases. Garnering more than 7 million Spotify streams across their catalogue, their third cover is of Khalid’s “Location,” freshly sung by Olivia Escuyos. The boys have found a clear niche in engineering future pop, harnessing catchy […]

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