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Tag: Best of 2017

Reddit’s Electronic Subreddit Releases Its Best Of 2017 Results

Reddit has two general electronic dance music subreddits that don’t cater to specific genres, labels, or artists: /r/EDM and /r/electronicmusic. The former released its Best Of 2017 at the end of December, but it’s taken until the first of February for the latter to compile everything (and create this nifty graphic below). If there’s one […]

r/EDM Reveals Highest Voted Songs & Albums of 2017

r/EDM just revealed its highest-voted songs and albums for 2017! The online community serves as a hub for all things electronic music. From festival lineups, to new music, to throwback goodies — r/EDM is a good place to go if you have anything to openly discuss as it pertains to the dance music world. In this […]

Snapchat Takes Move Out of Facebook’s Playbook To Celebrate 2017

Facebook is notorious for copycatting Snapchat’s ideas for bettering its own social media platform, as well as Instagram, in the process — but now the OG 24-hour stories app is beating Facebook at its own game. Snapchat is straight up jacking Facebook’s “Best of 2017” recap concept with its own version run through the Memories feature. […]

r/EDM’s Best Of 2017 Results

Reddit’s EDM community /r/EDM is the latest to reveal their “Best Of 2017,” and it ambitiously covers nearly every genre thinkable in dance music. From bass/G house to trance to hardcore to dubstep, community members had the opportunity to vote on five categories: best artist, best original track, best remix, best album/EP, and best mix/set. […]

Spinnin Records Unleashes Massive 3-Hour “Best Of 2017” Mix

Spinnin’ Records is well known for their label mixes exceeding one or two hours in length, but this year’s “Best Of 2017” year mix is the label’s longest yet, clocking in at just under 3 hours; it’s also nearly double the length of last year’s year mix. All of that just goes to show what […]

Monstercat Releases “Best of 2017” Compilation

2018 is less than two weeks away, which means that Monstercat‘s biggest year yet is coming to a close. Throughout 2017, the Vancouver-based label unleashed surprise after surprise, with no sign of slowing down. This year, Monstercat totally revamped their compilation series (complete with a new artwork style and new lines of merch), held label showcases […]

Voting for Monstercat’s “Best of 2017” Compilation Is Now Open

The musical year is rapidly coming to a close, which means EDM labels worldwide are gearing up to release their “Best of 2017” albums. One of the most anticipated compilations of this type is consistently Monstercat‘s, year after year after year. This anticipation could come from a number of different factors, but one of the […]

Spin’s Favorite Overlooked Albums of 2017

In 2017, there was more media than ever before in human history, and what felt like painfully little attention left to devote to it all. Even as paid, professional music critics, there were plenty of albums that slipped past us initially, or which we just didn’t get around to covering. So here each Spin staffer will present […]

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