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Breaking Down The EDM On Coachella’s 2018 Lineup

Coachella just dropped its lineup for 2018 and there is a phenomenal mix of big and little names, specifics be damned. But let’s take a closer look at the EDM to be seen each weekend, shall we? As the Sahara tent has grown over the years, it has attracted bigger and bigger names, often spilling […]

2017’s “Most Dangerous Songs” While Driving List Revealed

We all have that one song that when it comes on in the car, we find it unbelievably difficult to control how fast we’re going. Usually it’s a faster tempo that causes us to be a little more reckless with our speed, or sometimes it’s just a really hype song that you can’t help but […]

Your $999 iPhone X Is Really Going To Cost You A Lot More

Apple is what we like to call a very “proprietary” company. In a business sense, a company is proprietary when the products they offer are unique to that company and are extremely difficult to recreate and resell. For instance, Apple uses Lightning cables instead of a microUSB or the increasingly popular USB-C; by creating this […]

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