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What Does It Mean If My Ex-Boyfriend Dies in My Dream?

When you dream that someones dies, it is always traumatic. You wake up with your heart pounding as a cold sweat creeps over your forehead. When the person who dies in the dream is your ex-boyfriend, it feels traumatic, but it is also confusing. You should no longer care about the relationship, but you still […]

What Does It Mean When You Kiss Your Crush in a Dream?

While some dreams leave you feeling terrified, kissing your crush in a dream is always a good feeling. You wake up wishing that your dream could actually happen in you real life. While it is easy to feel like these types of dreams will predict the future, they only reflect your inner state of mind. […]

Training Day: The Journey, Episode 21

The Journey, a Social Media Examiner production, is an episodic video documentary that shows you what really happens inside a growing business. Watch The Journey: Episode 21 The Journey, a Social Media Examiner production. Episode 21 of The Journey follows Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, as he continues to pursue what many will […]

How to Use a Content Scorecard to Publish Better Blog Posts

Want to replicate the success of your best-performing blog content? Wondering how to review and rate content for quality and value? In this article, you’ll learn how to develop and use a content scorecard to ensure the content you publish consistently meets your quality standards. How to Use a Content Scorecard to Publish Better Blog […]

What Does It Mean to Dream About Someone You Hate?

When you feel strongly about anything, you are more likely to dream about it. Your dreams are populated by your subconscious thoughts, feelings and memories. If you have more memories of someone or deeper feelings about them, you are more likely to dream about them. When you dream about someone you hate, it is often […]

What Does It Mean If You Dream of Your Husband Dying?

Few dreams are more traumatic than a dream of your husband dying. When you marry someone, your goal is to spend your entire life together. It is extremely traumatic to even think about your spouse dying, much less to actually experience it. When psychologists rank the most traumatic experiences, the only things that come close […]

100 Irish Dog Names

Irish dog names are always a lot of fun. You can use them to show off your Irish heritage or just your love of all things Irish. They are even better if your dog happens to be of Irish heritage. If you needed some help thinking of the perfect Irish dog names, we have a […]

What Does It Mean If You Commit Suicide in a Dream?

When you have a dream about committing suicide, it can feel terrifying. You may wonder if this is how you feel in real life, or if you have just given up the will to live. You may think that this relates to how you feel about yourself or something you failed at in your life. […]

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility

Want to optimize your LinkedIn profile for visibility? Wondering which sections of your profile are most important? In this article, you’ll discover how to use your LinkedIn profile to make a strong first impression with prospects and connections. How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Better Visibility by Nathanial Bibby on Social Media Examiner. #1: […]

150 Cool Villain Names

Back when I watched films as a child, I always wanted to be the cool villain. Heroes are great to look up to, but when you want to play games like cops and robbers, it is always more fun to be a bad guy. In real life, you obviously don’t want to be a villain. […]

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