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10 Prayers Before Game

Long ago, ancient man prayer before going into battle. In modern times, our most common “battles” are on the sports fields. Before a major event, this modern prayers before game can be used. You can ask for God’s blessing as you prepare to play. There are also prayer options for coaches, fans and family members […]

10 Graduation Prayer Blessings

As graduation rolls around, it is a time of celebration and rejoicing. After months or years of hard work, graduates will finally get their degree and move on to greater things in life. Whether you are a family member or the graduating student, these graduation prayer blessings can help you thank God and ask for […]

12 Prayers for Food

Food is one of the few things that humans actually need to exist. In the modern world, we often forget how few our actual necessities are. As long as we have food and shelter, we can live. With this in mind, it is important to thank God with each meal. These prayers for food are […]

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