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Report: Beyoncé Wants Official Coachella Photos Only, Please

It seems Beyoncé would prefer you experience her epic, Destiny’s-Child-reuniting Coachella performance only via approved photos. According to Page Six, the singer’s publicist sent a Friday email requesting that news outlets use only official photos of Saturday night’s headlining set, rather than fan-shot amateur photos from Instagram or other social media.

As the gossip publication points out, the request would appear to be an effort to head off a repeat of Beyoncé’s 2013 dust-up with Buzzfeed over “unflattering photos” of her Super Bowl halftime performance, when a request from PR to replace awkward mid-motion dance shots became a classic Streisand effect story of its own. To be more generous to Bey, though, the Coachella photo policy is a natural extension of her well-known desire for creative control: No low-angle fan video can really replicate professional footage, especially at a show designed and rehearsed for the livestream cameras as much as for the live audience.

Check out some approved photos of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance straight from the source below.


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