Lyrics: Same Chair As Kanye – Cassper Nyovest

Lyrics: Same Chair As Kanye – Cassper Nyovest

Lyrics: Same Chair As Kanye - Cassper Nyovest

Lyrics: Same Chair As Kanye – Cassper Nyovest

Take it back to when I was pest poor
When I wound ask my daddy for somethin’ and he get pest of
I never thought my though was somethin’ I will get rich from
Menh I can believe am gonna made it this far
Am African American, Am African by birth
I just wanted to be American
I never know my worth until I step out of my country
And them nothin’ bout me
But I know alot about them
Started thinking like them
Maybe is a calling
Maybe the rappers is to chose us
Maybe tellin them am from Africa is what am suppose to
Back home they listen and hoping that I don’t flop
I feel like the all forking continent is on my shoulder this’s crazy
It just might be too much present
That we be the second best for too long and do them feed up
Am tryna put the asunder ma’fene few not cleaver
You won’t get the fact that am hungry be like bug up pester (??)
I jump up with the mite stage of the khali skit
I never hav enough job I build my own offices
They don’t made them like me nigga am more for real quality
When you pretty sure that am losing I do the oppose
This is shopping nigga from Africa wake up in America
Here the damage no character wake up in my caliber
If you man enough you could said it up
we could barn upon be warn da this hazardous
telling nobody is balder then we stood up on the cameras any mop in my peny sup
Any challenges Mr Manager check the calendar
I to khalin it am the calibola I can bank it up
The game is full of doom nice rappers
Am the cleaver one

Loading…………. Tribe

Am busy solving this nigga like drogue of funeral
I open the calibers now when I get the longo like bitch like caliber


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