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Khaya Mthethwa – Our God Lyrics

Khaya Mthethwa – Our God Lyrics

Our God
(Just declare the name of the God we serve, today)
Our God x8

Who opened up the red see (Our God)
Who made the blind to see (Our God)
Created the heaven and earth (Our God)
Never left me from birth (Our God)
And who sent his son to die (Our God)
Who wiped away my cry (Our God)
Saved my soul from sin (Our God)
Who’s coming back for you and me (Our God)

(You are alone are holy)
You are holy x2,
oh most high x2

Who saved my soul from hell (Our God)
Who made me whole and well (Our God)
Heal every leprosy (Our God)
Who’s greater than HIV (Our God)
Who turned water into wine (Our God)
Caused my night/light to shine (Our God)
ho givs identity (Our God)
Sent his son to rescue me (Our God)


Siphakamis’ igama lakho
Siphakamis’ ub’khulu bakho
[repeat xn]

Only you are holy x2
Oh most high x2

Khaya Mthethwa – Our God Lyrics


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