Blaklez And Dj Maphorisa Beefing

Blacklez and Dj Mphorisa are currently taking shots at each other on twitter. This all began when Blaklez responded to Maphorisa’s tweet on whatsapp to keep the matter private.

Blaklez sent Maphorisa a whatsapp message after he had seen Maphorisa’s tweet talking about dropping a mixtape with A-Reece. The tweet also mentioned that A-Reece and Maphorisa are from the same hood in Pretoria and that “No one has done it for da hood and i think we shuld” said Maphorisa.

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For some reason, Blaklez took this as an insult to him. In a whatsapp message the rapper said “Disappointed in this tweet my G. I respect all of ya’ll but i keep having to come across this disrespect and it hurts”. Maphorisa took a screenshot of Blaklez’s messages and posted them to twitter and the rapper was not happy about it.

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“You want my respect but you haven’t earned it” said Dj Maphorisa.