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Big Star – My Year Lyrics Ft. Aewon Wolf

Big Star – My Year Lyrics Ft. Aewon Wolf

Big Star - My Year Lyrics Ft. Aewon Wolf

[Verse 1] BIG STAR

Too many shorties up in V.I.P
Who just D.I.E
When they see me on the L I N E U P
You’ll see (x2) the G.I.B.
I den Kicked it up in alphabetical order
For those who got a disorder
Who never recorded
But hate on every nigga that’s chilling on the M.I.C
You can hate but you’ll rewind me
Yea you gon rewind me
Akitsiba if u really see the dopeness (Oh yes)
You can’t be knocking progress (Oh yes)
We all Panding for a life that has no stress
Uthi Lom’ntwana ufana some more no less
But on the real tho
The skill so Skitso
That you would think I need a doctor believe me
If u can find a doctor who will see me
Tell them I got track record filled with some parabeligics

[Pre Chorus]
I Didn’t mean to damage the team kid
All I ever wanted was for my mama to know
We living life on the road
I do not know anymore
The places we go
Hu tletsi basadi galore
We keep em down on the floor
Cause we rock every show

Oh yeah yeah yeah
Everybody put your hands in the air
Keep it up like you just don’t care
Tell everybody that this is your year
Everybody say
Ayo ayo ayo
This my year
Ayo ayo ayo
I am gonna own this year

Big Star – My Year Lyrics Ft. Aewon Wolf


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