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Benefit of Car Insurance Quotes

Benefit of Car Insurance Quotes


Types of insurances: let’s find out what benefits can client get with each type of cover.

  • Comprehensive: the most complete option that keeps you fully protected.  It covers damage to your car or damage you have caused to a third person or property. It includes:
  • A 24/7 helpline
  • If your car is stolen or written off, you receive a free courtesy car.
  • You also receive a courtesy car when your car is repaired by an approved repairer.
  • Liability to a third party for damage you have caused to their property.
  • Any fees caused by an accident are covered by the company.
  • If your vehicle happens to be hit by someone else, you will not pay excess for that.
  • Earning a non-claim discount.
  • If you are driving in Europe you are also covered there up to 90 days.
  • Protection against fire damage and theft.
  • Replacement of keys and locks.
  • Child seat replacements.
  • Protection against accidental damage.
  • Personal possessions in your vehicle are covered.
  • Protection against damage to trailers.
  • Personal injury.
  • Medical expenses and accommodation full covered.
  • Third party, fire and theft:  it covers your expenses if you damaged someone else`s property or car by accident.  Pay attention because this cover includes  all of the benefits mentioned in Comprehensive, except the following ones:
  • -Free courtesy car if your car is robbed.
  • -No need to pay for excess.
  • -Protection against accidental damage.
  • – Cover for personal belongings, medical expenses, damage to trailers and accommodation.
  • -Personal injury cover.
  • Third party: this is the cheapest option and it is recommended in cases where you are responsible for accidental damage to a third party`s property or car.  I
  • t includes:
  • A 24/7 clam helpline to assist you anytime.
  • Third party liabilities for damage caused to your property.
  • Access to a no claim discount.
  • Emergency treatment, which means that you will be covered for any fees related to an accident.
  • You are also covered in Europe if you stay there up to 90 days.


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