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18-Year-Old Festival Goer Dies After Tripping At Knockout Circuz

This really sucks. An 18-year-old man attending Knockout Circuz, a music festival in Sydney, Australia, has died after tripping. We’re not talking LSD or any other type of psychedelic — he literally tripped.

The festival goer was reportedly running when he tripped over the feet of others and fell to the ground. According to police, head injuries from the abrupt fall were the cause of death.

As the man drifted in and out of consciousness, he “became violent” with security professionals who were trying to help. He later passed away at a nearby hospital, about 2.5 hours after the trip.

The incident is under review by a critical incident team to determine what exactly led up to the fall and death of the young music festival attendee.

Knockout Circuz searched a total of 298 people and there were a total of 55 charges for possession of drugs. Five people were arrested in connection with MDMA, two of which were 17-year-old girls and one of which who was found with 379 capsules.

In some ways, Knockout Circuz was a little too lit.

Source: Daily Mail

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