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New Startup Financed by Google’s Alphabet and 20th Century Fox Wants to Replace Record Labels

Record labels provide artists with distribution and monetary opportunities, but new technology has aged them a bit. Streaming services, new advertising methods and the Internet at-large have diversified how artists release music. Record labels can still create a stable platform for artists, but their effectiveness conflicts with music’s new technological age. Enter UnitedMasters, a startup […]

YouTube And Ticketmaster Team Up To Make Buying Concert Tickets A Breeze

YouTube and Ticketmaster are joining forces to make it even easier to snag tickets to shows of your favorite touring artists! Starting today, YouTube is rolling out a new system that integrates upcoming U.S. tour dates right into music video landing pages via Ticketmaster’s database. This is a huge move forward with YouTube’s plan to build […]

Facebook Asks For Your Nudes In Order To Stop Revenge Porn

Facebook is countering revenge porn with… more porn. According to reports, a new pilot program is seeking to prevent intimate, er private — ok we’ll just say it — naked photos from surfacing the internet against anyone’s will. The catch is, in order to prevent a nude video from surfacing on Facebook, you’d have to […]

Google Assistant Can Now Identify Songs And Provide Listeners With Track Info

Android‘s Google Assist has finally caught up with Apple‘s Siri (which partners with Shazam) in that it can identify music tracks! The flagship Pixel smartphone already utilizes the built-in voice assistant software feature, but Google plans to roll out to all U.S. Android devices soon. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL also have the capability to […]

New Spotify Data Shows People Are Listening Longer & To More Diverse Artists

While we might still use Soundcloud for digging through some of the more unknown artists on the web, Spotify has more than solidified its presence as the power streaming service around. Breaking a song on Spotify translates to dozens of other industry related successes, and presence on playlists is driving plays for key songs through […]

Apple Reveals The Most Popular Emojis, And #1 Makes Total Sense

Check out your most recently used emojis… What do you see? If you’re like most users that describe everyday emotions through these little icons, then the “face with tears of joy” emoji is up there. According to Apple, that emoji — caught somewhere between laughing and sobbing — is the most popular of all. It’s […]

Ableton Announces Live 10 Launch in 2018

A new version of Ableton Live, one of the music industry’s most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs), will be released in the first quarter of 2018. The update brings with it many new improvements and features, and markets the software as a true tool for creatives. Live 10 comes with various new built-in devices such […]

Those Having Trouble With iPhone X’s Face ID Are “Holding It Wrong”

The biggest change coming with the iPhone X is undoubtedly Face ID, as Apple rids its smartphone devices of yesterday’s Touch ID. As with any newly introduced technology, there are mixed reviews coming in… Some absolutely love the Face ID, while others believe it needs some serious work. One reviewer went as far to compare […]

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