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23-Year-Old Arrested with $40 Million In Pure MDMA

A 23-year-old man has been caught attempting to import an absolutely obscene amount of powdered MDMA into Australia. Border Patrol agents stopped a shipment of pool chlorine underneath which was hidden 356 kilograms of MDMA. It has been assessed that this could amount to 1.2 million total ecstasy pills worth over $40 million. In Australia, […]

$7.5 Million Worth Of Ecstasy Seized In Massive STING Operation

Just days after the largest drug bust in Turkish history, another STING operation has intercepted $7.5 million worth of ecstasy… Malaysia’s Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group carried out a nine-hour operation on Halloween, in which the force reportedly seized 51,750 pressed pills and 227.6 kg of powdered ecstasy. The massive drug bust prevented future mass production as well, […]

Police Confiscate 2.55 Million Ecstasy Tablets in Massive International Drug Bust

A massive international drug bust carried out by Turkish anti-narcotics police has resulted in the confiscation of 2.55 million ecstasy tablets. The drugs were intercepted in “simultaneous operations” across Istanbul, Kırklareli and Edirne provinces — in what is being described as Turkey’s largest drug bust ever. Istanbul police were initially tipped off that a shipment from the […]

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