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Snoop Dogg – M.A.C.A. Lyrics

Snoop Dogg “Make America Crip Again” lyrics. (Intro Skit)Cause I’ma keep it G real. I ain’t f**k with you cuz. You disrespected me. You disrespect my hood by telling me take off my flag asking how gangsta I was ni**a. You lucky on that day I was acting cool cuz. I told you I ain’t […]

Young Dolph – Drippy Lyrics

(Intro)Ayy!Real drippy right now (Chorus)Lil mama got ass for days, and I got cash for daysThat fake sh*t, I can’t relateHate, I see it all over his faceYeah I got racks in the safeYeah I’m f**kin’ on your baeNever keep dope where you layKeep a draco or an AKDrippy (drippy), drippy (drip), drippy (drip), drippy […]

Young Dolph – Believe Me Lyrics

(Chorus)Believe meTook a hundred thou’ to my jeweler, told him freeze meI can f**k your b*tch any day of the week, believe mePulling up in all type of foreigns, sh*t, that’s how we beAin’t nothing more important than getting this money, believe meYeah we here now, but it wasn’t easyYeah we here now, but it […]

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