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Oliver Nelson – Feel Alright (feat. Guy Sebastian) [Perfect Havoc]

Oliver Nelson is a disco and house producer unlike the rest. He’s been in the game for years; having now garnered more than 100K followers on Soundcloud, the funk enthusiast has personally been named one of Kygo’s musical inspirations. His latest single titled “Feel Alright” is a radio stinger released by UK-based independent record label […]

EJ Noro – Friends (feat. VDG) [Spotted Records] [Premiere]

When you experiment with tropical and deep pop music, the magic starts to happen. This is what “Friends” proves to anyone who clicks play. Boston’s EJ Noro put together his next mainstream release that clearly reaches out to the masses. The arrangement on the record deserves some credit, especially since not many artists can infuse deep and […]

Solstis – Take Me Feat. Ally Ahern

Ever since winning the Discovery Project for Electric Forest in 2015 with their track, “Forever In Silence,” Soltis have been fighting to the good fight to keep that momentum going. Fortunately, that perserveance to the grind seems to have paid out for them in the form of new single “Take Me (feat. Ally Ahern)”.  Solstis shares that […]

Kidswaste & Manila Killa – Tonight

Counter Record’s newest signee Kidswaste kicked off his new label deal with single “Fade” several months back and now he returns with follow-up record “Tonight.” Compared with its predecessor “Tonight” is a far stronger record that has unsurprisingly been very well-received. The record features fellow producer Manila Killa as a collaborator while also boasting vocals of emerging pop wunderkind Chelsea Cutler. This isn’t […]

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