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Popcaan – El Chapo Lyrics

(Intro)Yo yoEl-El Gringo, El Gringo, El Chapo, El ChapoBoy violate and the chopper dem chop youUnruly f**king boss (Bridge)Me ova dweetPut the K pon repeatBullet inna face, anuh feetLef’ shell pon the streetMake pure squady see itBoy gone with the worm fi go sleep (Verse 1)Empty the MAC19 inna your face and goneSo real badman […]

G-Eazy – The Plan Lyrics

(Intro)YeahAyyI do this sh*t cause I-Turn, turn it up a little bitI gotta, I gotta, I gotta blapYo, yo, ayy (Pre-Hook)I might go f**k up these bands (ayy)I do this sh*t ’cause I can (yeah)I just took care of my fam (ayy)Thought this was always the plan (yeah)I might go fly to Japan (ayy)Honolulu get […]

Alison Wonderland’s Trap-Infused “Happy Place” Is A Direct Portal To A State of Bliss [LISTEN]

Alison Wonderland‘s signature phrase “Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level” makes its fierce, lyrical debut in the producer’s single from her sophomore studio album! “Happy Place” is more than just a song, it serves as a portal — transporting anyone who listens away from a negative space and into a spiritual realm only capable […]

Popcaan – Family Lyrics

(Intro)Yo Shaqqie, yo CuzzFamily, a mi seh family (tr8) (Verse 1)If a one thing mi hate a fren killaMi no believe inna fren killaFamily, a mi seh familyMi love mi fam a dem through mi heartDon’t you dare hurt one of themReal killy dead itTo di end and from di startWe real, real bredda demCah […]

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