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Tag: G-Eazy

Video: G-Eazy – ‘The Plan’

11.10.2017 Music Videos G-Eazy is sticking to “The Plan” in his new video. Directed by Daniel CZ, the artistic black-and-white visual stars a dapper Gerald in an architectural marvel full of models. While the Bay Area spitter raps about his bands and his plans, models twerk and pose all around him. With moody clouds in […]

New Music: G-Eazy – ‘The Plan’

It’s a big week for G-Eazy. Yesterday, the Bay Area rapper unleashed the artwork and trailer for his album The Beautiful & Damned. Now, he unveils “The Plan.” Over a thumping instrumental, Gerald flexes his dexterity with flows and multisyllabic rhyme patterns. “Always scrutinize, bags are supersize,” he raps. “Why are you surprised? / Must […]

G-Eazy – The Plan Lyrics

(Intro)YeahAyyI do this sh*t cause I-Turn, turn it up a little bitI gotta, I gotta, I gotta blapYo, yo, ayy (Pre-Hook)I might go f**k up these bands (ayy)I do this sh*t ’cause I can (yeah)I just took care of my fam (ayy)Thought this was always the plan (yeah)I might go fly to Japan (ayy)Honolulu get […]

G-Eazy – Nothing Wrong Lyrics

G-Eazy – Nothing Wrong Lyrics [Hook/Chorus] If she want sniff, she just looking for a lift And if we finish of a fifth, I don’t see nothing wrong If I spend a few bands when I should have let it stack I can make that s**t back so I see nothing wrong If I smoke […]

G-Eazy – Just Friends Lyrics ft. Phem

G-Eazy – Just Friends Lyrics ft. Phem [Chorus: Phem] You could leave it all behind Sometimes being blind is fine If all you want is nothing at all You could always try again It hurts too much to know we’ve reached the end (Cause we’ll never be just friends x2) [Verse 1: G-Eazy] And when […]

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