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Tag: Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean – Lens Lyrics

Frank Ocean – Blondes Theme Lyrics ft. Kohh

Frank Ocean – Lens Lyrics [Verse 1] My girl made him wait ’til the hours of the night Then hit you with the, “You know it’s mid, right?” Can’t be on time for the free rides Can’t be my type, I’m a low life Crammed in some time, now I’m your whole life Can’t make […]

Frank Ocean – Experiences Lyrics

Frank Ocean – Experiences Lyrics Something is wrong I don’t really have a [dick] in my [ass] Even joking about it, that something is wrong. Is that what you’re saying you want? Oh my Lord! Is that something you said you would like to experience? There’s nothing funny about it Nah, I really don’t want […]

Frank Ocean – Chanel Lyrics

Frank Ocean – Chanel Lyrics [Verse 1] My guy pretty like a girl And he got fight stories to tell I see both sides like Chanel See on both sides like Chanel Swimming laps through pool water Heated like I’m underworld Hide my tattoos in Shibuya Police think I’m of the underworld 12 treat a […]

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