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Tag: For the lulz

Woman Buys Microsoft Outlook Instead Of Outlook Festival Ticket, Demands The Festival Gives Her A Ticket Anyway

If festival culture has taught us anything, it’s that anything is possible… even mistaking Outlook Festival for Microsoft’s Outlook. Wait, what? One person, who is apparently very bad at the internets, signed up for “the preferred email client used to access Microsoft Exchange Server email” instead of a ticket to the “celebration of sound system culture […]

Marshmello Follows Up First “Cooking With Mello” Episode With Lackluster Sequel

Marshmello’s first episode of “Cooking With Mello” debuted on Halloween and was a cute way for the perpetually-masked DJ to celebrate the holiday and poke a little fun at deadmau5 in the process. Even if the final product wasn’t totally professional looking, it was forgiven because it was Halloween. A week later, Marshmello is cooking […]

Diplo Rolls Back Criticism Of Taylor Swift After Getting Spammed By Swifties On Instagram

Diplo has drawn massive fire from the Taylor Swift crowd after commenting on the pop singer’s new single in an interview with Rolling Stone. “They don’t want to listen to, like, ‘Look What You Made Me Do,’” he said. “That music doesn’t relate to them at all. I don’t think it ever did. They were only given […]

See What All The DJs Dressed Up As This Halloween

While Halloween may typically be the most fun in the crowd, DJs definitely know how to get dressed up for the occasion. Some of our favorite DJs went all out this year, creating elaborate disguises and caricatures for the annual holiday, while others went a more simple route. Whatever their taste, we’re happy that they’re […]

Porter Robinson Claps Back At Haters In Rare Move, Announces “Worlds 2” in 3044

It’s no secret that some Porter Robinson fans aren’t very happy with the first release of his new project, Virtual Self’s “Eon Break.” And honestly, that’s fine – it’s not a Porter Robinson song, Porter Robinson fans don’t have to like it (nor do they have to like anything the producer puts out, but that’s beside […]

Marshmello Cooks Up Chocolate Mice And Burns Deadmau5 In The Process [WATCH]

How’s that saying go?! Trick or treat… Smell my feet… Give Marshmello something good to eat… like chocolate mice! Something like that. The sweetest DJ/producer in the game is doing Halloween right by us with a new video feature “Cooking with Mello.” The first episode (we assume) of the series features Marshmello cooking up some […]

Josh Pan Creates A New Fan Fic Based On Recent Deadmau5 x Carnage Beef

If Dillon Francis is EDM’s class clown in front of the camera, then Josh Pan is our literary David Sedaris. (If you don’t understand the reference, look him up.) Having already established himself as an accomplished writer of fan fiction, with two entries based on recent Twitter beef (here and here), he’s back at it […]

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