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Tag: Fashion

Why Ravers Should Think Twice About Wearing Glitter

Ladies… and gentlemen… it’s time we have a serious talk about our glitter. While the colorful sparkles of happiness can bring some shine to cosmetics, hairstyles, and party accessories, from highlighters down to toenail polish, everyone must know the harsh reality of where this glitter could end up. Even after the music has stopped and […]

Martin Garrix Looks Sharp In New Campaign Video for Armani Exchange Eyewear

Martin Garrix continues his campaign as the official face of Armani Exchange, and this time around he’s looking photoshoot fresh for the fall/winter 2017 eyewear collection. Styled in classic jeans and a simple, black t-shirt with a fashion-forward jacket, all eyes are on Garrix as he rocks some seriously sick shades and killer frames in […]

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