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Daft Punk’s Famous ‘Alive’ Live Album Turns 10 [LISTEN]

Great music lives on forever, and one of Daft Punk‘s most notable albums is truly immortal… The electronic duo’s famed live album Alive 2007 just turned 10 years old, and still holds it down as one of the best dance releases of all time. Alive was recorded during Daft Punk’s performance at the Palais omnisports de Paris-Bercy arena in […]

Daft Punk Official Store Closing… Get Everything Now While You Still Can

Well, this can’t be a good sign… After a hopeful fan took to social media to check the status of Daft Punk‘s official store, the merchandise distribution company in charge shut down all hopes and dreams completely. This person was probably wishing for a holiday restock, but instead was told the Daft Punk official store […]

Daft Punk’s Legendary 2007 ‘Alive’ Performance Gets Incredible Reboot in HQ [FULL SHOW]

Apparently the only way we’re ever going to see Daft Punk perform again is by going back in time… Thankfully, a dedicated fan completely reconstructed the electronic duo’s legendary Alive show from 2007 into a stunning HD full concert experience, ready for your viewing pleasure! Daft Punk’s live show from Paris Bercy, one of the most iconic shows […]

Volkswagen Mexico Pays Tribute To Daft Punk With New Ad

It’s not all that uncommon for electronic music to pay homage to popular culture, but it’s not that often that it happens the other way around. It just so happens that Volkswagen Mexico’s latest ad pays tribute to Daft Punk and their album cover for Random Access Memories. The ad was released in conjuction with VW’s […]

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