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Eminem – Nowhere Fast Lyrics ft. Kehlani

Eminem – Nowhere Fast Lyrics ft. Kehlani [Pre-Chorus: Kehlani] Ashes blowing in the air I was on fire but we don’t care, yeah Wasted youth, always on the road Never looking back and we’re never getting old ‘Cause the skies are black but our hearts made of gold Fuck doing what you’re told We’re going […]

Brockhampton – RENTAL Lyrics

Brockhampton – RENTAL Lyrics [Video Intro: Robert Ontenient] Me llamo Roberto, ye este es el fin de una era Muchas gracia a todos [Verse 1: Kevin Abstract] I need it all downtown, nigga Put it back where you fuckin’ found it though I need it all down (no, no, no) Keep ’em right there, oh […]

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